We continue to pursue our mission to be one of the largest, most profitable and well-respected interactive entertainment software companies of the world.

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Community Building

Community involvement arises out of Activision's spirit. Our business is closely linked with the minds and hearts of our employees, as everything we do, calls on their imagination, intellect and entrepreneurial talents. Our corporate values are born out of our staff's mutual respect and teamwork and underlie our future growth, as there is an inseparable link between our values and the value creation we offer our shareholders.


Activision will remain engaged and involved in the community where we do business. We will continue to expand our reach beyond the boundary of our industry and seek social commitments that enable us to build the future today. 

Mental Health Resources

Do you have questions about mental health or how to access mental health services?  Visit mentalhealth.gov, a new government website that provides helpful information.  We are pleased to partner with the White House and a large number of businesses and organizations to raise awareness of mental health resources.

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Additional Resources for Parents