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  • Who is eligible to apply for an internship at Activision?
    • Our internships vary depending on discipline and location. All of our job postings will list the requirements for each specific role. 
  • How do I apply for an internship at Activision?
    • We have many different internship opportunities at Activision and its studios. Although most of our internship opportunities span over summer months, there are internships that open up at different times of the year. All of our open positions are up to date on our careers page. You can apply to any internships by submitting an application through our website.
  • What does the internship program at Activision entail?
    • The program goals are different at each location. Our interns have the opportunity to learn about the industry and advance their skills. They will work alongside our talented teams while building our beloved franchises. 
  • What is the studio culture like?
    • We maintain an independent studio model with our development studios. This means that each studio has its own culture and atmosphere that is unique. To get a glimpse of what it’s like to work in our studios, take a look at our studios and locations.
  • Do you hire students straight out of school?
    • Yes, we are always looking for new graduates with and without previous work experience. 
  • How old do I have to be to work at Activision?
    • The company's preference is to hire employees 18 years and up.     
  • What should I have on my demo reel or portfolio?  
    • It is recommended that your demo reel and portfolio reflect your best work. It is important that the work in your portfolio stands up to your current standards as an artist/designer, etc. Consider researching portfolios online to help guide how you put yours together.
  • When will I hear back about my application?
    • Due to the large number of applicants we receive, unfortunately, we may not be able to get back to every applicant. After applying, if your skillset is a match for one of our open roles, a member of our recruiting team will contact you directly.
  • I have a question about technical issues with applying/viewing my profile on your website. What should I do?
    • If you are experiencing difficulty applying to any of our roles, please review our career site support webpage for possible solutions.
  • What benefits does Activision offer its employees?
    • We offer a variety of benefit packages to full-time and temporary employees (depending on your location).  Check out our benefits online for more details.
  • What if the position I want is not being advertised?
    • All of our positions are up-to-date and posted on our website. If you do not see a position that matches your background, we suggest checking our website regularly for any updates.
  • I’m interested in working in the gaming industry. What skills should I learn in order to be a viable candidate for a gaming company?
    • Reading job postings are a great way to research the skills and requirements needed in order to work in the gaming industry. Job postings will list the core requirements for each position and what is expected of the person in that role. You can check out all of Activision’s jobs on our careers page
  • I love playing your games! How do I become a Quality Assurance (QA) Tester?
    • If you love playing video games and are looking to become a tester for the Quality Assurance department, there are a couple of things that are of the utmost importance. Below is some advice from one of our very own QA Managers.
    • i.      Can you critically analyze what makes a game “good” or “bad” and why?  You need to be able to articulately communicate exactly why certain mechanics are troublesome or provide a user with a bad experience – simply stating “It stinks” does not cut it. 
    • ii.      Can you remember details and specifics about a situation and use that to recreate it?  A big portion of the job is being able to observe something occur, note all the events leading up to that occurrence, and try to recreate it.  This is the problem-solving portion of the job.  If you are able to remember a sequence of events and dissect it to uncover the problem, you are on your way to becoming a great tester!
    • iii.      How is your writing ability?  Can you encapsulate a complex idea or thought into a few sentences that can be universally understood?  This is a key element to becoming a tester as you will need to communicate numerous problems out daily to either a lead or member of the development team.  Accuracy is critical as this will ensure that there is no need for rework and the bug gets squashed in the first attempt!
    • iv.      Do you know the ins and outs of your console?  How about your PC?  Having a well-rounded technical knowledge base is going to be of tremendous help if you aspire to become a Quality Assurance tester.  Sometimes there is troubleshooting that must occur before you are even capable of booting up the game and testing it.  Knowing typical hardware issues and knowing how to navigate both a console and PC OS to check settings is a big plus to becoming a good tester.
    • v.      How passionate are you about games and game development?  Do you have days clocked on the latest Call of Duty® map?  Do you often debate strategies and best practices for Heroes of the Storm™ or Overwatch®?  Can you rattle off a list of 10 of your favorite games without batting an eyelash?  Great!  It takes dedication and passion to work as a tester, as there are often long hours and the work can be repetitive at times.  However, seeing your suggestions brought to life in a new game mode, or basking in the glory of your name appearing in the latest Call of Duty® credits page is a big reward for all that hard work.  Being an avid gamer with a passion for gaming cannot be discounted as something that could potentially make somebody a great Quality Assurance Tester. 
  • What is the difference between a Play Tester and a QA Tester?
    • Play Testers are individuals that participate in research studies on our games before they are released. Play Testers are observed on-site by our User Research team at our Santa Monica office in California. Click here to sign up for playtesting.
    • QA Testers are employees that work on-site at our various locations performing best-in-class functional and first-party testing on all Activision titles.
  • I have a great idea/suggestion/pitch for a game. Who do I send it to?
    • Unfortunately, we do not solicit game ideas, but we do keep a pulse on our game communities and player support tickets regarding player satisfaction.


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